Tuesday, April 21, 2015

News Sirens

  What does it mean  when you watch the newscast  and everytime the camera is on the anchor, there's sirens red and blue lights in the background? I was watching some old Lynna Lai footage when she was on 19 (I lost the majority of footage in Missouri) in the mornings and for some reason  during some of her shows  she had sirens on in the background.  I'm thinking it was a warning during that time or maybe the police was watching the great one. it was like flashing your headlights to warn the guy the police are close around type of thing i'm guessing. If that was the case maybe the sirens were a premonition of what I would be witnessing once I left familiar surroundings.

  Who was trying to warn the blogger during those yrs?> Brian Duffy, Lynna Lai the news director or thew FBI? Does it matter now and what were they trying to warn me about; that I was on the verge of being destroyed? Was the sirens a warning that the great one was about to be fired? Why would Brian  Duffy  warn the blogger that I was on the verge of being destroyed  during a newscast especially since I didn't sense that Duffy and Lai made a great team.  Why would the greatest anchor  warn the blogger  when I didn't believe she belonged on 19 but on WKYC?

   I think this matters because if we can find a logical reason why the sirens were on the newscast  we probably can find the key to a whole lot of other unanswered articles. If the answer to the rest of the bloggers is tied into those 19 action  news sirens in the morning then we must search and ask. Ask ourselves what did those sirens represent. Was lynnaluvers the reason for the sirens or maybe it was the fact that the news team that day felt patriotic hence the red and blue lights.

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