Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ghost Story

 Is October a gag month or what? A month where twilight zone occurrences happen often. I say this because of the dead bird at my foot but also the ghost that appeared in my picture I took.

   That's right a ghost. A supernatural figure of the real world. Which is kind of ironic seeing that the great one got over a million views with a report about a ghost at a gas station. You would be happy to know I didn't see this spiritual creature at the gas station.

  Nope I saw this ghost at a library and I have a pic to prove it! It happened after I was looking for a place to sit and read a book called living out of a suit case or life out of a suit case. I couldn't find a place to sit that was comfortable until I found a pillar. I sat down and after 30 minutes a under the dome character from CBS came toward me. (It looked like the bearded guy) I take my camera out because his energy was wrong.

 I tried to take a pic of him but instead I captured a male ghost. It was all the way at the top of the ceiling and the window. I couldnt believe it but its probably because  I never take pics of ghost.  Seriously what are the odds around Halloween?

 Of course I have to say it! What does that ghostly image mean and what did it want. All my life I've seen ghosts and images; I've even saw Lynna Lai in a jelly bean; but I never took a pic of one. Let's not be so entertained that we forget that I just had a dead bird plopped next to me while I was sleep.

 Could this ghost be confirmation that death is close by or that we're being visited by outside sources. Maybe the under the dome guy is a magnet for ghosts and he wanted to shake things up.  Maybe the ghost made its presence known because he wants to be talked about in my blog.

  Although we are under a lot of super natural occurrences doesn't mean we should take these occurrences lightly. If we see something like this it means things in the super natural world are extremely enhancing because of humans lack of respect for that world. Which brings me to the question of have I disrespected the super natural world by blogging about the great anchor ( notice I didn't say god anchor this time, why?).

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