Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Eagle Oceans Story2

 Not 24hrs from when I posted Eagle Oceans Story did officer Damore come by and tell me I can't Sleep on the property. Could I have triggered someone contacting the local police saying to screw with me. Maybe he was there to give me advice on where to sleep. A blogger cant write a blog that's so moving and assume that the police won't screw with him.

  Maybe it was the fact that I write so much about the anchor or think about the anchor that they have a problem with it. Does the blogger vacate his blog just because the police officers name is very similar to the convicted politician in Cleveland? Could it be that 19 is upset that I keep writing or blogging? Again if a blogger can have Lynna Lai fired can't he get her on a national level. If its my fault that she's on wkyc a better station.Would it also be my fault that she's not in the best situation because of lynnaluvers. Shouldn't my lynnamental blog change that and,can it?at

    I have to ask these questions because it seems 19 has a fixation with people names starting with D. For example Duffy,Danielle,Dimora and now Damora. Its too many coincidences for me to say the police officer was just doing his job I mean what else are you going to do when the population is low.

  Let's hope I'm just a paranoid lynnamental and the officer has nothing to do with Lynna or 19 or anyother Ohio influences. I will say the officer did give me some greengrapes that was before he called me boy. Maybe I'm just dillusional or maybe the D in his name stands for death my death. Let's hope the grapes weren't soaked in a deadly mixture.

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