Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sleeping Bird 2

 In the original sleeping Bird article I asked could the dead bird have appeared because of a ritual done while I was sleep. Although I don't really believe it and I don't really know I would like to entertain that possibility. What if someone did a voodoo ritual while I was sleep that involved a bird? I do remember before 2014 the great anchor and the sports commentator talking about the afl new Orleans voodoo and Lynna Lai did say she liked voodoo!

   Could it be that she wasn't talking about the football team but the religion? Could the great anchor have been pressured to summon a death angel hence the bird because I recognized her as god? Were the authorities in the voodoo community offended? Is this why the dead bird appeared at my foot. Did my recognition ignite a spiritual plot against me?

  Although Its hard to tell I can't escape the fact that their has been a energy stalking me sense my dream article in Even though I've never bare witness to a dead bird at my feet when I wake It seems that the more I live the closer I become to twilight occurrences! Maybe the voodoo wasn't summoned by the anchor but someone who holds the anchor dear. Seeing that she does have ties to Louisiana maybe her friends down their associated with friends in eagles ocean and the voodoo got  ignited. Maybe I'm dillusional and sense I've lived in New Orleans I'm just sensitive to voodoo connotations.

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