Thursday, April 23, 2015

He's Looking at You Kid

  So I'm minding my own business in the library alone and this very dark black guy walks up to me very close and says" is there a problem"? Why are you looking at me he says. I tell him "Not looking in his eyes, "I look at everyone". He says something else that I didn't understand  and he goes and walks to a seat/table right next to mine.  Now after that I had my antennas up and they were looking like two capital L's.  Yes,  the Lynna Lai conspirator in me  came out  so I put the looking at me guy on camera. He turns around and I ask "how does he know if I'm looking at him if he's not looking at me"? He leaves but to this day he still appears out of no where in the city just like those silver Prius' (one followed me last night and I got part of the texas temporary plate number 37d51).

  Could the Anchor have hired this dark skinned individual to harass me? Could a Chinese business man whose associated with Lynna Lai the  greatest anchor  have brought  some africans over just to harass me? Maybe it's the great ones way of killing 2 birds with one stone. . Maybe this guy was sent to America to kill every American black that gets in a Chinese Americans way. More specifically Lynna Lai's way. Is Lynnamentals in Lynna Lai's way? If so then how?

It was my understanding that most east Asians don't like dark skin. Therefore why would they hire him? Maybe he came to America his self  and when he got here he got in trouble and the only way to get out of  the trouble is to harass the blogger until I become aggressive  and when I become aggressive he kills me  and then they can have him behind bars forever. Is the great one that sinister? Maybe she's not sinister maybe she hates certain people.  Ive been in this city for over 6 months  and it seems there's a higher society that hate certain groups of people  and are willing to kill to get rid  of them.  Could it be the great one is part of that hate group. . Maybe I'm using hate to liberal maybe the group isn't a hate group  it's a love group . They love  themselves so much they're willing to kill, lie cheat steal  to preserve and prosper.  Maybe the group is associated with the cab company that I mentioned a couple months ago and they have hired the black harasser.

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