Thursday, December 31, 2015

Knowing 2016

  Maybe ignorance is a blessing maybe If I knew that the great anchor was going to turn the bloggers life upside down she wouldn't be on TV. Maybe if I knew she was going have police follow me she wouldnt be on in the mornings. Maybe if I knew too much I would have written too much and we all know what happened when lynnaluvers was still operating.

Maybe the Great anchor didn't know the presence would turn the country upside down , maybe she didn't know that the current president had no positive emotions toward the USA. Maybe her ignorance saved her career. Maybe if she would have known he was going to sabotage the country you would think she would keep the viewers in the know. But maybe what she found out about the president was so terrifying cat got her tongue.

  Maybe because of our ignorance 2016 will be better than what we expected. Maybe all the yrs of the President in office will pay off for someone  like maybe Trump. Maybe 2016 is the year for Trump and if that's so will the Anchor ever get on the National stage?  Maybe knowing isn't something that's needed seeing we have some forces out there that human kind are blind to and if we're blind to theses unknown forces I truly believe we're blind to what's next!

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