Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thurs

I believe it was 2010- 2011 around the new year. She was on 19 but I had a feeling something was happening.

So, Mrs. Lai is back and taking charge as if she never was absent. It's been around 2 weeks since she's been on the tube and now us fans can relax by knowing Bosley hasn't taken over (at least while she was anchoring for Mrs. Lai she didn't avoid the fact that Mrs. Lai was absent).

Now while everyone has made resolutions and trying to keep them this news anchor fan has got to get conditioned into the reality that the favorite news anchor in Cleveland might be yanked from the station like Mangini was fired from his position. Although Browns fans could see the writing on the wall and were conditioned for it with the news reports leading to his termination; I don't think fans of personalities ever are conditioned for the absence of our favorite local or national personality. With that said once again fans have to be appreciative for the time Mrs. Lynna Lai is on and has been on.

    For now, we can continue getting our appealing Asian-American Fix and eliminate appealing Asian-American withdrawals but we should also come to grips with the fact that like everything else nothing or no one lasts forever. Don't anticipate her absence but fans should celebrate her time on local tv matter of fact we should bathe in her presence now, because as I said before we will never know some day some major news company might buy her contract.In my conclusion this wasn't meant to be a somber, ashes on the forehead article on the contrary it's a article of endorsing the celebration of Lynna Lai by continuing to visit this site (leave a comment) or making your own Lynna Lai tribute site (Iron sharpens Iron) or even by simply watching Lynna Lai every chance you get; indeed get a "Lynna Luvers" shirt anything to show anchorage for the News

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