Saturday, October 3, 2015

Progressive Absence

A absent father is one of the worse,so it seems. Alrhough a anchor is not a father a anchor can

still be returned and or reset. I as a cultural civilian which means someone who has been influenced by popular ideas do not believe absent father can be returned , reset or reprogrammed like a absent anchor. Seeing that they both have huge influences it's understanding if I compare the two.

  Could it be the influence I had on my kid was not what the conspirators of the anchor wanted. Seeing that I did have untraditional ideas. Ideas that the media/government had in mind.Maybe that's why they had helucopter s hover my old resting place in OH. or had government papers sent to me, to protect the young mind. Was it the young mind they were really protecting when they ostracized the blogger, was it the young mind they were protecting when they created a energy of vacancy and a Energy of homelessness?

  Maybe they did create that energy for the future. The future of progressiveness. Which brings me back to the absent father who isn't progressive or is he? We can say the Absent father is not more progressive than the absent anchors and maybe that's why I was ostracized. The anchor is so progressive,so persuasive,so influential that it created a energy of  vacancy and absence with the blogger that in turn creates a better platform. A better platform for who though?

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