Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Muslims 4 Lai

What a day , there were many connotations of me as a person and of the blog lynnamentals. It's like people have been paid to harass me strong since this weekend. Many people are
dieing,even more since this weekend. Is it because of the large Muslim community hand or  the lack off  American leaders.  How effective is the harassment and deaths? Could   Someone be offended because of the blog?  Could lynna Lai or Duffy have gotten Muslims to attack me? Maybe a Chinese guy hi jacked a outlet here in Pioneer city and summoned some of his Muslim    friends. Maybe the Pakistani shark has made it seem that way?   Seeing Pioneer city is flooded with  them now. Has the Pakistani shark been so offended by my anti Muslim attitude at work that more  deaths have taken place,just to scare the blogger. Maybe the Muslim  community are using terror   tactics to attack me on behalf of the   great anchor and Islam.                      

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