Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sleeping Bird

  As a homeless blogger Ive been sleeping on sidewalks,on the soft nature of Eagles Ocean and on some benches. This one night, the night after I wrote rating my delusions I figured I would sleep on the concrete and enjoy traffic. Before I fell asleep I made sure there wasn't no foreign objects like feces, dead insects,live insects, Blood or anything else that would make me get up and leave to find someplace else to sleep. Everything was clear so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

  When I woke up what I woke up to was a dead bird. It was laying on its side right next to my foot. What does this mean,because if course it has to mean something. It's not everyday that I get a dead bird greeting me when I wake. I could go the simple route and say it means I shouldn't be sleeping on the concrete but I believe it's deeper than that.

  Who put a dead bird next to my foot while I was sleep? Was it Lynna Lai the great or her cohorts, was it Duffy and his buddies seeing there are Steelers fans here and a restaurant named after him. Why didn't they put the bird in my bag worse why didn't they put a dead snake in my bag I had with me? Could the bird had just decided to die next to my foot and if so why?  Is their a death angel stalking me? Could my blog be so appauling that it has summoned a angel of death? Has someone summoned a death spirit over me after reading lynnaluvers or lynnamentals and its giving me a taste of what's to come? Could someone have been doing a ritual around me while I was sleep and it involved a bird that died? Maybe my feet gave off such a repugnant odor that it killed the bird!  Even though the bird wasn't black could it have represented my death?

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