Monday, May 4, 2015


  It was a regular night nothing unusual until I stepped in walgreens in Texas and saw a bunch of what looked like red balls in a display that had a NBC logo on it.  I picked one up and found that it wasn't a ball but it was a red nose. NBC/walgreens are selling red noses . The display had a dozen of businesses that were associated with this campaign. Yet the one that stood out was NBC!

When I think of a red nose I think of rudolph and him being the oddest one in the group of reindeer. Is Lynna the great  the oddest one in the group of NBC? Did my ostracizing create a red nose aura around the great anchor and NBC?  is NBC the oddest one in the news group?  Could it be that Lynna the great  and Cleveland NBC  is odd because of  my odd blog?  Is my red nose type of blog  the reason  the station has anti connotations which in it's self is odd/ red nosey. Could it be that my red nose blog is the reason they hired some of Americas security to follow /shadow me or could the red nose be representation for something sinister seeing it is a sinister color.

 I looked on the wensite and it said that NBC was having a red nose day to support people in poverty and people in impoverished countries. Instead of helping people that are impoverished  why don't they use the donations to give to the anchor as a bonus?  I mean lets face it poverty is going to be around forever, it's not going away. Not to mention some people in poverty are the very same people that are anti-police and seeing that the great one  is pro authority wouldn't it be better to endorse Lynna the great than to endorse groups of people that are anti police. Seeing that the station is pro police also. This isn't a pro Lynna Lai article  I just see the potential of the red nose campaign and how it would be better for not just NBC  and the local pioneer but it would be better for the locals that watch .

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