Thursday, April 24, 2014


  Could I have been microchipped because of my writings of the persuasive anchor Lynna Lai? If they have put microchips in dogs why wouldn't they have put a microchip in some humans? With some religions theres a belief that blacks aren't humans and if blacks aren't humans it wouldn't matter if they put a microchip in us seeing that blacks aren't a part of the human race in some belief systems. What if my writings made the great anchor so nervous that she had someone like a police officer or FBI agent put a microchip in me?

   I do live in insecure surroundings it wouldn't be that hard to put a microchip in me. Even if I didn't live in insecure surroundings my writings has put me in a position  where just walking down the street a hired associate could put a microchip in me. One of the reasons why I would be microchipped is because of Maybe Lynna Lai and company believe that since I write or am so Obsessed with writing about the great  anchor it would be justified to have me microchipped / followed. Maybe they have concluded or planned that after my ostracizing I needed to be followed just in case I follow Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy or their family members. Were my writings so disturbing that they had the right to have me microchipped? What if Lynna Lai is already microchipped?

  Don't news anchors report about things that are disturbing? Haven't they developed an energy or spirit so that viewers are drawn to disturbing info? If viewers are drawn to disturbing info is it not logical for viewers to write about disturbing things. What if that's the plan to develop disturbing reports so that viewers can create situations and if viewers create disturbing situations  the gov/ media might have the right to put microchips in the disturbed. What has made me think that Ive been microchipped  was the fact that Iwas being followed every where. Thirty Minutes the Local Police were sitting right outside of my regular sun  hide out. I know by now they know my regular comings and goings by heart but before then it was like I had a regular GPS in me.

  I can hear someone say " Well if you're not doing anything wrong you don't have nothing to worry about". I think that's what the great news anchor Lynna Lai was betting on that I would do something wrong so I could be put in the slammer. At this time my being is against the law. Maybe she believes that my mere breathing is against the law. Hence why she had me micro chipped. She probably guessed by spying on me when I was in "ohlaio"  that I would be in insecure surroundings and if i'm in insecure surroundings my being is unlawful and therefore me being micro chipped is justified.

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