Monday, April 14, 2014

Dark Horse

When was online there was a very dark skinned woman that was one of her competitors they even had a dark skinned woman on Lynna Lai's show when the  American Anchor was on 19 action news not to mention the dark skinned male anchor who had some of the highest ratings. I used to always talk about how the dark skinned traffic reporter wouldn't work and how TV should be more lighter in Cleveland. I think I even mentioned that if they keep reporting about blacks as criminals would it be smart to hire more blacks. I said that shouldn't they hire the least criminalized race which are Eastern Asians.

 Now Since Ive been in the belly of the Devil (Phoenix) Ive been getting darker. Its like the powers that be want me to get charcoal so I can't comment about the Asian news babe. Maybe the great anchor prayed to the sun gods to burn me to a crisp. Maybe the great anchor knew that when I was gonna be ostracized i wasn't going to have any shade in my life. Maybe destroyed my shade. I mean it's is a possibility seeing that the Chinese Government has control over the weather.

  I mean what I said was true, they shouldn't have blacks as anchors or reporters seeing that blacks are always in trouble. Was the article that was pro Lynna but anti dark news personality worth me being ostracized? Maybe the blacks had me ostracized because they didn't like That would be very smart to get someone kicked to the curb by someones own race. I mean if blacks can kill blacks how hard would it be to have blacks get blacks kicked to the curb? It wouldn't be hard but my question is if this is so what hand did the great anchor have in this? The sacrifices we go through over the great news god!

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