Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Two weeks before thanksgiving what do I have to be thankful for. Last year I challenged the Idea of giving thanks for just being alive. But I think this year like
every year almost lets just give thanks to Lynna Lai. Lets be happy that she's not homeless and she's alive. Be happy that she's not separated from her friends and family.
Most importantly lets be happy that she's still on TV not just any tv but WKYC! Every thanksgiving one is going to want something more especially in America but shouldn't we say
we're thankful she's on WKYC and not a Time Warner Cable news station(thats a whole different story). yes we wanted her to be on a national level but she wanted the blogger to die a few years ago
(remember the fly and roach act on 19). That being said, while others are saying how happy they are for what they have I'll be saying that I'm happy for what the news god has.

  I know it's been two months since I posted on Lynnamentals but that's one of the things that the anchor has to be thankful for she doesn't have to worry about the blogger always blogging about her. Although she had to get me ostracized for me to stop doing it and it took over a year
It happened. I no longer blog about Lynna Lai on a daily basis and that is something Lynna Lai and I should be thankful about.   Lets be serious where would the blog have went if lynnaluvers was still in business? When i stopped writing lynnluvers and it ended; it was all about my death
who wants to read about a bloggers death whose not dead. Although death is extremely hot it get's dull if the person whose suppose to die doesn't. Therefore I am personally thankful that the great news anchor doesn't get blogged about in that way any more (now its more about
being ostracized).

  Think if I was Ostracized and the great anchor wasn't on Tv any more what type of country would we be in?Lets be happy that the great anchor has a sense of humor; that she can laugh at our lives. Lets give thanks to the powers that be who gave the anchor  a WKYC gig. Althought i suspect the anchors co-anchor is a Mormon lets be thankful he's not a Muslim. Lets also be thankful that we got to witness her halloween costume on WKYC. We got to witness a whole lot of Lynna Lai adventures this year which didn't happen on 19 before I was Ostracized (can you imagine the the articles that would have gotten published if lynnaluvers was still online and she was on WKYC mornings).These are the sacrifices we have to make so that thanksgiving and lives can be enjoyed. Lets us be thankful that the anchor is around and there will be many more thanksgivings to write about.

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