Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frances Lai

   Ive been noticing that Frances Rivera from PIX news is on MSNBC  and NBC mornings as a Anchor. This could easily be Lynna Lai. Maybe it will be Lynna in a few years or better a few months. The reason I say this is because  Frances use to have Slim Hair during her PIX days now it's like she has big hair. Could it be that she's channelling the great Lynna Lai? If Network news anchors start channelling the great god wouldn't it be justified to have the channeled god on a national network also anchoring? She is a pioneer!

   Wouldn't it be interesting to see the Local news god of NBC on the early show? Maybe that will be NBC'S plan to give Frances Rivera a chance before they put Lynna on a national T.V.  There doing a lot of tests or should I say experiments, I mean a whole lot during these recent months. What if this Frances Rivera Episode is just a test? Seeing that the national NBC news Network does have a love for Ohio anchors  (Brian Williams,Matt Lauer) wouldn't it be right to put the great anchor  in the National chair next?  The good thing about the great news anchor is that she has strong connections besides Ohio.

  Ive always said  that she would be anchoring on a National Station but what if that back fires?  What if her anchoring the Early Morning TV National Show creates unwanted attention to lynnaments? There's always a price to pay for what you want hence my ostracizing. What if they hire Lynna Lai as a goof to embarrass the blogger?  What if that's what The Anchor wants because she thinks that's the only way to get rid of the blog. If I'm willing to lose my comfortable life what will Lynna Sacrifice? What has she or what will she sacrifice to make sure lynnaments and the talk of ceases? How offended is she?

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