Saturday, April 26, 2014


    How can we say that we are so much in love with our kids? How can I can say I love my kid? How can I say that I "luv" Lynna Lai and not say that I love my kid. For one before I wrote  The kids mother was not father friendly and in this country mothers have more rights therefore I could not have created a healthy relationship with him therefore the love is not around. The reason I can write is because it wasn't a real love hence the word spelled luv. I explained this years ago but it seems I have to write about this again. The "luv" that is visible isn't a real love but a fans love it's an obsession.

Can we as American say that we love are kids but we promote pedophiles like catholic leaders? Can the media really say that kids are the future when they promote pro-choice which really isn't pro choice but anti children. If we don't appreciate a certain race shouldn't we outlaw them to pro create? Yet Lynna Lai and company are portraying themselves as kid advocates. Now I'm not saying they don't  love their kids but should they portray a liking to all of them? Are the kids really our future or just certain kids our future and if certain kids are just our future should we not make sure that they are the ones that we portray to care about?

   Maybe this is why I used to say unknowingly that Lynna Lai is the mother of the media because she portrays a love for kids at this time. Maybe that's why I was ostracized because of Lynna Lai's and companies dislike for certain kids.  Maybe my ostracizing had nothing to do with me personally but had everything to do with someones hatred toward my family. This is why  my ostracizing might have been better of for my kid because if I wasn't ostracized  would he not be threatened and possibly killed while he's still a kid. What if the anchor already had him microchipped? Could my blog have secured a microchip in my kid?

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