Monday, December 29, 2014

Sugar Bowl

     So Ohio State is going to be in the sugar bowl in a few days  and to make things more coincidental Alabama is competing against them in the sugar bowl. The reason why this is coincidental or weird   is because Ohio and Alabama has had along relationship. For example a large amount of Alabamians moved to Ohio State in the 30's for Job Opportunity. What does this have to do with lynnamentals and or Lynna Lai?  Well what if the same way the Alabamians  went to Ohio State for work what if the Ohioans will be coming down south for an opportunity to get rid of the blogger. Its like killing two birds with one stone.

      Now why am I Paranoid in 2015? Why am I acting like a little girl  afraid of the great one and the buckeye fans coming to the south when everyone knows the great anchor is from the south. It's not that I'm acting like a Chicken little it's the fact that Death follows the anchor and her cohorts therefore if death follows can I not question it even though death is part of life.

 Which is where the lynnamental comes in affect. What if the anchor is so fueled with getting me dead she has to see me dead. Therefore she had to wait for an excuse to come to the south for my death. Maybe that's why the Gov orchestrated Ohio state to come down south to the super bowl because my death will be sweet. ! What if that's the case what if it's just a group of people that want to see my murder happen; A murder sight excuse.  Maybe that's why the cops have been on my heels so aggressively lately (example car 1873 Gonzales). I even had this specific officer almost give me a ticket for falling asleep next to the Library waiting for it to open. (Why am I always getting in trouble at the library, I'll talk about what happen later). Maybe that's why the GOV is so anti-black male these days or the reason the media has created a anti black male movement. So there won't be a question of my death when it happens. Who cares about a black who blogs about the anchor and who believe is a liability blogging about an asset.  Maybe it was in their plans to ostracize me because they didn't want my blood in the state and also so I would look like a dead beat dad. Who likes dead beat dads?  Actually I'm not  a dead beat dad (I sound like the people screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER) I just got blackballed from the city the kid lives in. Who wouldn't want to see a murder of a dead beat dad? Even though 14yrs ago I asked the kids mother to marry me, yet that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that I feel death is right around the corner especially since the Buckeyes will be coming to the south.

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