Thursday, May 15, 2014

They're Singing Lynna Pt 2

Not even a week after I wrote "They're Singing Lynna" I go to a Government Establishment and they've got a choir singing "Lynna's Me" /Lean on Me". This time instead of the group being all Women this time it was all men. What does this mean? Did Lynna have her comrads cook this up? Was this all the governments doing? If the government had a hand in it what were they saying figuratively?
This time when the group was singing they were serious, it was as if they really believed "Lynna Lai was them". You could really sense the tribute in their voice, unlike when the girls were singing. Could that be a sign that Men take Lynna Lai more serious or that men worship the god anchor more sincerely? I really doubt that Lynna Lai had a hand in this singing tribute this time, because this time the setting didn't really give off a Lynna Lai type of energy. The setting was more governmental or more institutionalized. I'm not saying that the great anchor doesn't have powerful programming capabilities it just wasn't her style or the style i'm used to. Which might mean it was her that set up the second "Lynna's Me"/ Lean on Me Group!
Maybe the government saw my article and found where I was going to be and ordered/suggested that the group sing "Lynna's Me". Maybe it gets the government off knowing that they can create situations in my situations that has Lynna Lai connotations. Last but not least maybe the governemt finally believes that the anchor is superior and to show that they believe they wanted to worship the anchor in front of little ole blogger! If that's the case when will they begin to sing songs about Lynna? When will they start having song titles with "Lai or Lie" in them (The only song I can think of right now is White Lier)? Will they ever create songs with "Lai" in them? Is "Lynna's Me" the closest we're ever going to acknowledging the anchors superiority or worshiping?

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