Friday, July 11, 2014


Have the media,NBC,FOX,CBS,or the Gov ever taken a picture of me,have they ever recorded me .I was followed  another time like this  but it was an unmarked  news station So, yes yet last night was  down right ostentatious. Before I begin let me just say this specific event didn't happen in Phoenix but it was a southern town and no it wasn't Lynna Lai's Alma Mater's town.

 So I was exiting the southern towns university and three things that I saw  in one minutes time that should of given me a hint  that Lynna/NBC/GOV was behind this. First I saw the Cops , no big deal then a few feet away an Asian (Filipino possibly) with blond high lights and a blond with her and says "look at you". The last thing that I saw was a Hurst which really didn't fit in. Then came the Media van. At first  as I was sitting down I thought ok  no big deal  their probably leaving or shooting away from me but as I continue to sit down another cop passes me and a lady comes in and holds the camera and looks like she's doing something like taking a pic or focusing on me .  I got up ran towards the medias van to see what news affiliation it was and to no surprise it was a NBC affiliate with the first call letters of KX. Now let me say before I got ostracized I would of never went over to see what news station It was  but since Ive been blacklisted I can truly say it has turned me into a friskier creature.

The first thing that came to my mind was Article. Not blaming the news god , not blaming 19 or some other associate of the god anchor. It was just I have to write an article about this . Is it possible that KX  wanted me to write an article about them, So they can have an excuse to follow me some more? Could WKYC  have told them to do this? (While I'm writing this An Asian male is sitting  right behind me and I asked him if I could take his pic but he told me no and walked away; honest)? Why would WKYC do this ? Could they be hungry for a new  article and this is a way to incite one? Why would they want to incite an article out of me? Maybe because I'm always on WKYC'S site looking for or watching god's vids. What if they wanted to incite one because they hated Lynna the god? Why does the Gov hate Lynna? Maybe because their jealous? Maybe it's because they know the great one is truly imperial! There has to be a reason.  Maybe KX Just wanted a laugh.

 Before lynnaluvers I would of never been this different about a news station across from me.  Yet lynnaluvers was so powerful  it created a new group of ideas into the world that didn't just affect the media but also me too. It affected my living conditions and also affected those close to me.  I know some would say  Walter Cronkite never blamed the medium  for life changing events  and neither should I  But I believe the medium is more powerful than one can imagine.


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