Friday, July 11, 2014


  If Lebron James can return to Cleveland ,Lynna Lai should return to morning news as anchor.  If Lebron James gets a bigger salary ,Lynna Lai should get a bigger salary. On this week of July 7th 2014 everyones been going Lebron crazy. So should the blogger being crazy himself go Lynna Lai crazy? Lets just say Lynna deserves more attention than Lebron.

  Here's a question how can news anchors/the news god get the audience like nba  players get . Its my belief that the educated female entertainers should be high lighted not the uneducated. I'm more into the idea of Lynna Lai returning to mornings than Lebron coming to Cleveland because it's my belief or opinion that the morning viewers deserve the anchor god more than Cleveland deserves Lebron. Cleveland destroyed Lebron  he made his decision ,and  they put him down like he was Osama Bin Laden . Actually they attacked him more than they attacked sex offenders in Cleveland. Yet although mornings didn't give god great Nielsen ratings it didn't destroy her. It didn't aggressively disown her like Cleveland did James.

 Maybe lynnaluvers had a hand in mornings treating god so bad on 19 and maybe 19 /cbs/the gov had a hand on treating James so bad but the difference is that lynnaluvers is dead and 19 /the Gov is a live and ticking. So here's the question what needs to be done to destroy 19?  Does 19  deserve to be destroyed? They destroyed his image when all he was doing is being Lebron, being a Star.  Maybe they felt like he gets paid millions  and he deserves it.  Although when I wrote lynnaluvers my blog wasn't anti- lynna but pro Lynna . I never had a attitude like she got paid millions she can take the praise or anti 19 articles.  Yet I did take an attitude of she's on t.v or her profession is tv she can take my articles.  Another thing to note is that 19 waited after Lebron  made his decision until they threw him under the bus. I wrote she was better than 19 while she was on the station.

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