Sunday, May 4, 2014

They're Singing Lynna

So What there’s a group of Women ahead of me in Phoenix during the night, I said. In the past people would be concerned about a group of black males during the night now it's a group of white women. How things have have changed. I walk toward the train station which ironically was the same place the group of women were going. As they stop at the end of the train track station they start singing "hit the road jack" a few other songs but the one that got my attention was "LEAN ON ME". It sounded like they were singing Lynna's me! I know it's a delusional question but did Lynna put these Ladies up to sing "Lynna's Me"?If she did why? Who were these women?
When they sung at the train station I asked out loudly which isn't very common was it ladies night. I even stated that Lynna could sing better than them, a statement that I don't know is true or not but when I said this they did stop singing "Lynna's Me/ Lean on Me". Since the Great Anchor reports about the Authorities alot maybe the Phoenix authorities hired the women to sing "Lynna's Me". The question is why? Why would they hire these group of women to sing "Lynna's Me"? To pay tribute to the great anchor? To show or to establish the fact that the singing Ladies were Lynna Lai or that White Women are Lynna Lai? Maybe the reason they were singing because they knew or were told that I watched Lynna Lai and I wrote Therefore they thought the only logical thing to do was to sing a song with the name Lynna in it or a song that sounded like it had Lynna in it! I didn’t have a problem with them singing I had a issue with them being ungenuine? If they were going to do a tribute to the great anchor at least stop laughing. These were women in their 40’s-60’s, some had grey hair. I know some would say if I would stop watching and thinking about the news anchor, the situation wouldn’t be nothing but a bunch of girls having a night out. But I don’t believe they were; I truly believe they were put there to make a mockery of the website and I. Maybe it was one of her competitors or a Phoenix Anchor that put on this show.

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