Tuesday, May 20, 2014

East Asian Spy

Just when I thought the government was worshipping the anchor Eric Holder talks about China Spying! How many East Asian males do I see in my situation in a yearly basis? I ask this because Ive been seeing one (actually two) who wears a Seattle and or Chicago baseball caps two cities where the anchor has connections. Am I racist to notice the east Asian in a place where it's mostly blacks? I think it's as normal as people noticing Lynna Lai in the late 90's when she was the only Asian American in front of the camera on 19. It's as normal as Lynna Lai recognizing a black writing about her. Here's a few questions did Lynna Lai plant him in my living quarters? If she did why?
Let's be truthful people aren't as curious when a black female enters a store versus a black male and it's my personal opinion that still in 2014 people aren't as curious over a east Asian female than a East Asian male in the news room especially since Eric Holder gave us his findings. I bet even the great anchor would prefer a black female over a black male watching her newscast especially since my blog and my ostricizing. I bring this up because I don't want to come across as being racist but I have to record theses happenings. Every year it seems there's a East Asian male in my living quarters since Ive been Ostricized. Could Lynna Lai have hired someone to follow me if so why? It is the great anchors birthday and Memorial day is around the corner too so what if Lynna Lai is suspecting that WKYC is conspiring to kill her on her birthday and for insurance purposes she had the guy live in government establishment with me. So just in case she does die he can have me killed. What if Lynna hired this guy to sleep where I sleep because she suspects that she's about to get canned and if she does she has a bounty on my head with the East Asian Male. What if the great anchor and WKYC made a deal that she would hire a plant to stalk me so that WKYC can get more details about me and or harass me? I know it sounds dellusional but I said Lynna Lai's name right in front of this guy and it was as if he was acting as if he was sad. What if the reason he's on me is because I still google Lynna Lai? What if he's here to give an account of what Ive been doing to a judge that works for WKYC and Lynna Lai.
He also has a few plants working for him because when I mention Lynna Lai to this Hispanic fellow he looks at the Asian fellow to see what his response should be. I even asked the Hispanic guy (couldn't be older than 18) who he works for right next to the Asian American and he looks to the East Asian to get the answer before he says " No one sir" . There is no doubt in my mind that WKYC,the government and or Lynna Lai had cooked this up!

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