Friday, January 10, 2014


Although, I haven't stalked our killer there was a time that I was accused of stalking her in the cyber world. Which might be one of the underliying reasons I'm away from "Ohlaio".Who wants to live in a state where the news anchor has possibly orchestrated a stalking  label? On any account January is national stalking awareness month.

  It's kind of Ironic  that we recognize  anti-stalking  yet I sense  a police presence in Phoenix stalking me. We as a nation are for  anti- stalking  yet we approve of drones /NSA. I said this on  and thats the fact that we are hypocritical seeing that we approve of social media like facebook  yet we look down on stalkers. We even have gps so we can follow where someone is therfore its getting harder and harder to get peace and quiet. Yet I can remember when Lynna Lai was anchoring in the morning  on 19 and she reported about how they have a app where you can track your favorite celebrity. I can remember she mentioned she wouldn't mind  if  there was a  tracker on her she made it seem like it goes with the territory of being a celebrity. This was during the very early stages of I can't believe she said this to this day. Maybe she was just saying this just to invoke controversary.

   Speaking of stalking there was a man a few yrs ago  that stalked some of 19's  news anchors  including  Lynna Lai . In the report they made it seem like he wasn't all there as if he was mentally challeneged. Could it be that this is what happens  when you're a male and you're a fanatic? Does she drive you nuts literally?  Not saying i'm personally nuts  but the great Lynna L;ai did  emphasize the word dillusional a few times  in her reports of 2012 and 2013, that word could be a trigger for her to  invoke that spirit on me or on anyone.

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