Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inappropriate News

The world is full of inappropriate people doing inappropriate things. Once again if it wasn't for the inappropriate spirit  Lynna Lai probably wouldn't even be on the news. Some would say that lynnaluvers.com was  inappropriate and some would say that if I would have never written lynnaluvers.com she would of never been on WKYC. Is it true? How much of being inappropriate was a factor of my ostracizing?

   I knew when I wrote Lynnaluvers.com that she wouldn't be around forever but I didn't anticipate that the anchor being out the door of 19 after 4 years of lynnaluvers.com. I didn't anticipate the anchor being just the weekend anchor on wkyc when I made lynnaluvers.com I was anticipating the anchor going to a national news channel. anticipating the anchor staying on 19 for a longer time. I was anticipating the anchor staying in the anchor chair on 19 longer than Duffy. Yet it seems someones bad views about the anchors competition and her co-host was a combo for disaster. It was a combination for a strong plan that had to do with my ostracizing and my death eventually. Of course I didn't feel that my lynnaluvers was inappropriate and if I did ,was it inappropriate enough to have me ostracized.

  I can hear the old me argue that when Lynna was on 19 she did many inappropriate reports along with her co-workers. Matter of fact 19 hired a blond ohio anchor because she was inappropriate on stage. So how was my inappropriate words so bad? I didn't write that Lynna Lai was a derogatory name , I wrote that she was the best anchor in the land. I wrote that her old news station was below her. I wrote things that might have made people feel uncomfortable but were my words the same as the anchors words that created my ostracizing? I don't think so matter of fact I even let Raycom know that the great anchor was a great addition to the newscast never did I write to raycom that she was a hindrance. Maybe that's the issue my blog was a inappropriate hindrance and the only way to make sure that the inappropriate hindrance didn't hinder her new anchor position was to ostracize me. Maybe if they fired more blond and black anchors and start hiring East Asian news personalities people wouldn't make big deals about Asian news personalities! Maybe if lynnaluvers.com wasn't so true I wouldn't have gotten ostracized. I should of said Lynna Sucked at 19 and that she was the worse news personality in Cleveland! Then she would of gotten a raise and put in a better position. How twisted!

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