Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conspiring Words PT2

    In the Article titled Conspiring Words I talked  about how the media which Lynna Lai is a part of  frequently uses the word conspiracy and I stated when they do this it loses its affect. It not only loses its affect it makes people come to the unconscious conclusion that nothing is conspired especially when it comes to the Gov or the Media. Therefore Lynna Lai can do no wrong or say no wrong. She could not have had me ostracized if there's no weight in conspiracy theories.

   In the beginning of I always mentioned that Lynna Lai  could do no wrong . Maybe the reason I got Ostracized is because I just mentioned Lynna Lai and   not the entire  media company. This isn't an excuse but Ive always believed there was one single Hero or Heroine in the world. Teams win games but individuals are voted for. Therefore there is no way I could have said Lynna Lai AND 19 are flawless during the days of If this was the real reason that the tv media keeps using the word conspiracy than I was right when I said or suggested in that she is elite.

  Thats the issue Ive always said this and I'll continue to say it that her comrades have a issue  with my beliefs. Maybe they had an issue with the fact that I said she was elite in Ohio or maybe it's because I said she was a world star elite and lived opposite of their living quarters as to say they lived better than me. Why would they care if I lived humbly? Is it the fact that they had rental property close to me? Was Lynna Lai going to buy rental property close to me and couldn't since I lived there? If they had rental property there I wonder for how long because if they had rental property for a very long time in my area why didn't they have cameras out during the drug busts? Why didn't they persuade the local P.D. to do something like the possibility of them influencing the local P.D. out west.  Maybe the local P.D. in Ohio told them they couldn't do anything  before they get rid of me. What if Lynna Lai and Duffy has ties in the drug syndicate in my Old neighborhood and wanted me out of the way since all I was doing was writing about Lynna Lai?

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