Saturday, May 10, 2014


How many times Have I mentioned I was wrong in and lynnaments? The reason I ask is because a radio personality said that a certain caller didn't have the Cheese Balls to admit that he was wrong which brought me to questioning myself with writing How many times have I suggested or mentioned I was wrong? How many times has the mother of the media and the media it's self admitted they were wrong? Before I got rid of the opening of lynnaments
I personally thought the opening or the body of lynnaments is admittance of being wrong when I wrote In the body of lynnaments.blogspot it stated that losted focused. Isn't that a admittance of being wrong. It doesn't flat out say that lynnaluvers was wrong but it says that it losted focused. No ones going to say losing focus is a good thing therefore it has to be wrong. I always stated that I was obsessed with watching Lynna Lai the news anchor on TV which might be right to some but it's also wrong to others. looking back I don't think I ever said that or lynnaments.blogspot was wrong. For me to say it was wrong would be for me to say I deserve to be ostracized. For me to say was wrong would be me saying that I or my family members deserve to be killed. For me to say my writing was wrong would be for me to say that I deserved to be stalked by the CIA,FBI or local authorities in Phoenix. For example Breitbart and Russert including many more were killed because of what they wrote or what they said. Maybe it was the wrong time for me to write seeing whose in office but for me to say was out right wrong would be unjust. Now do I deserve to sacrifice over the,lynnaments blog and my lynna lai consciousness, yes. Is my osticizing worth Lynna Lai being on a national level, I might have gotten a bargain. But that doesn't mean that the blogs were wrong. Looking at a married woman is wrong yes but is it worth dieing over? Maybe. Maybe if I didn't watch so much Lynna Lai my attitude would have changed . Then again If I didn't watch so much Lynna Lai I wouldn't have gotten ostricized. It might just be my dillusional sense since Ive been ostricized but I don't recall 19 or 3 ever admitting their wrong. I'm not comparing the nurse to the patient but shouldn't the local media admit when their wrong? Should the anchor ever admit that she's wrong on TV? Personally I don't think so because it discredits the stations product. It also discredits the believability of the great news personality. Not to mention a god is never wrong. With that said could that be the reason I have a hard time admitting that lynnaluvers was wrong?

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