Friday, June 6, 2014


So once again In birthday 2014 I call the persuasive one  god or goddess. In I used to credit her as being a goddess (god) and or a superior being. I can hear some people say or my lynnaments conscious saying we're suppose to be focusing on the conspiracy of the anchor not how immortal she is or how superior she is. Someone would say that me crediting her as god is the reason I got ostracized in the beginning. Do I really want things to be worse than they are now? Can the blogger sacrifice any more? I know it was her birthday but does that give us the excuse to call her god? Is she god?

   I know we're suppose to spawn or evolve into lynnamentals and not go back to but even a convict recognizes  and watches good cop movies. Even the devil bowed to God. This means a delusional blogger who writes how he was ostracized can recognize a god anchor. We already wrote about our death in lynnaluvers what could be after death or should the question be what's before death? I know we possibly got Lynna Lai fired from 19 because we suggested she was a superior anchor but she also went to WKYC A SUPERIOR STATION. (Especially superior to other cities)

    We could even say  or suggest that her anchoring produced our writings in the beginning. Just like a god she enhances our delusional realizations. If  what we write produces her being let go from 19 and her presence produced hence my Ostracizing what will lynnaments produce? A sacrifice of great magnitude that people will never write about the anchor again? How much of lynnaments is part of the future death and birth of something brand new for the god anchor? I definitely don't want things to be worse but is life really about me obviously not it's about god hence my delusional writings I guess. Which should be understandable not hated right?

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