Thursday, February 27, 2014


     Lynna Lai is married, obviously.  The reason I'm bringing this up is because I'm beginning to fathom that the reason I was ostracized was because she's married. People have been killed because of looking at married women, so why shouldn't I suggest that I was possibly evicted out of my humble house because she's married. Even though we live in America and people don't respect marriages (pastors have coached women to get  divorces) it's still understandable how one could think that one could be ostracized for blogging about a married news anchor.

   Don't women blog about married guys? I'm sure they do; they have to blog about Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and a bunch of others. So if women do it why can't I right, what rule did I break when Iwas writing about the married news anchor on Maybe it's the unwritten rule that I forgot that says that Women can do a lot of things that guys can't do? That doesn't mean that blogging should of gotten me put to the curb. You have to wonder if I was gay and I was blogging about Lynna Lai the married anchor, would this have happened seeing that they approve of the gay community.

  If William Shakespeare was alive wouldn't he start blogging? What about our founding fathers wouldn't they've blog That's all they did was write. You don't think John Adams wrote about some attractive married religous woman? Maybe he didn't write as much as me about the Married woman but maybe he did.

 Are we saying that blogging is just for women? Are we saying that Women can only write about Married men? How many Married men and Women are in Porn? I'm not comparing the news to porn but writing about a anchor  whose married and didn't even work in the same city as me shouldn't be taboo. It shouldn't be tabboo Especially when there's a Married Anchor whose in the Magazine Hustler that filled Lynna Lai's spot on her past role on 19. Maybe what the News Authorities are saying is that it's ok to blog about a Married Anchor just as long as you're established.

    If writing about Married News Anchors is a crime then guys reading about married news anchors  should be taboo too. Lets just outlaw reading all together for males. I know it was silly for me to be obsessed about a local anchor but it's also silly to make it a crime to blog about a married anchor. Instead of writing and watching Lynna Lai I should of turned off the tv obviously.

  Maybe I need a news anchor addiction program. I need to be in Lynna Lai detox. The reason why is because if I can't fathom not writing about Lynna Lai or thinking that turning off the TV while Lynna Lai is on is just cause for attack then I definately have had too much of a good thing. Maybe writing about the news anchor wasn't the crime maybe me writing about the news anchor was.  I know I used to believe that blogging about the married news anchor  doesn't harm anyone and if it did, it was justified seeing that I believed that some news anchors didn't deserve to compete against her, It did harm me.

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