Saturday, March 22, 2014


Since my Ostracizing Ive been in between living conditions  therefore Ive had to shower in questionable places. Ive had to shower in a all male establishment and during the times of my showering in this all male establishment out west where there was no privacy (wasn't jail) there were a lot of eyes on me . Almost as if they were studying me or checking me out.

     Today as I saw a woman that looked like Lynna Lai I studied her which made me think of the weirdos that were oggling at me during my showers at the all male establishment. This made me that it could be a possibility that I got Ostracized because of my oggling behavior.  What if I was Ostracized for oggling  Lynna Lai ? Right now I'm pass the reason I got ostracized but my concern is that maybe she hired the guys to oggle at me in the shower for payback.

  Here's a question; is the action of me watching Lynna Lai on T.V. the same as males watching me in the shower? What if the great anchor thinks it is the same? Maybe she believes that males and females are so equal that a guy can look at another guy  the same way  a guy looks at a woman. Another theory is that she or someone told her that I didn't agree with the gay agenda and a  way to get me in a bad situation or drive me crazy is to put me in a gay situation. What if one of her ex co workers is gay and to be on good terms with 19 she orchestrated or hired some guys to study me.

  Last but no least maybe she thinks since I'm not with my kid I'm not a guy. Since she thinks I'm not a guy/man she believes I should be treated as someone less than a man. One of those less than a guy associations is being oggled at by other guys. What's next maybe she's going to orchestrate the rape that I wrote /dreamed about in Maybe she thinks that since I wrote that I'll be raped in jail she  has the responsibility to make it a reality and before she does she has to program me into excepting the oggling.

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