Friday, December 19, 2014

Practice Run

I know it's Christmas but I have to get this off my chest. Who knows, the reaper might be closer than we think.

  So I just finished up my article and was walking on the sidewalk to a concentration camp (I call it this because it feels like it is) and before I could even think of Lynna Lai I hear car horns. Two grey cars almost hitting each other ;one of these grey cars  was side swiped I guess and coming straight for me on the sidewalk and would have  completed his direction if he didn't slow down. There wasn't an accident but there almost was which could have included me which brings me to the questions. Was this a practice run for my murder? Does or did Lynna Lai  have anything to do with the plot and the last question is why would they conspire this automobile wreck?

 Theres many reasons why this might have been a practice run  for my murder.First reason is the likely hood that two cars getting in a wreck are the same color?Usually you see two different colored cars.The second reason is Im thinking the FBI,CIA, or government organization has a large fleet of grey /silver automobiles. I say this because I can remember a month ago like 5 or 6 silver /grey cars circling me as I was at the bus stop around midnight in Texas. Could these group of cars  be of the same association that made the practice kill run today?Last but not least, the reason I'm thinking this was a practice run is because right after the practice run while crossing the street and shooken up a shaven white guy  (I hate to use the term white  because everyone who looks white isn't like the jews) looks at me like I should of been hit. It was the same stare that Tom Meyer used when he followed me to Michigan a few yrs ago.

     Why wouldn't the great anchor have something to do with the practice run ? Would it be because she cares for my safety? Because I never Blog about her (cynical)?Could it be because I possibly unknowingly got her canned from 19 and wont stop blogging about her?If these aren't good reasons can I say maybe her current station/government had a hand in the practice run? I say this for two reasons one is they killed the "Deskchick" a Cleveland NBC employee in a car I believe and Jenna Wolfe an NBC reporter interviewed a professional car stuntman. Couldn't a stuntman train someone else his tricks of murder? Everyone knows Stuntmen can make murders look accidental simply. Maybe the GOV hires professional vehicular killers to kill people they don't like. Maybe that's what happened to Tracy Morgan.

  In all, the reason why they would conspire this wreck or vehicular homicide is because it's convenient and it's easy to cover up. What I mean is; I'm a gypsy these days in a conservative/progressive city. Who wouldn't want to get rid of  the blogger gypsy in a city like that and to make things worse I'm a black. If one hasn't noticed  there's not a really high likability for blacks theses days  especially with cops. Which means no one would think twice at the accident/murder. My old blog  probably made Lynna Lai and her cohorts  think about my conclusion this way. Concluding, that the grey car fiasco was a practice run for a vehicular homicide and although I did write in lynnaluvers  that I would get killed in prison maybe the city I'm in is a prison and maybe that's what the great anchor/gov wants. Alex Jones said it best its'a prison planet!

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