Sunday, March 2, 2014


   So I lost my phone today, no I'm not going to blame it on Lynna Lai it wasn't her fault it fell out of my pocket some how or someone pick pocketed me. In any event, when I found out that I lost  it I was reluctant to say that Lynna Lai conspired to hire someone to take my phone. Now even though I was reluctant and that's a good thing my question is who or what has made me reluctant.  The media is beginning to belittle the word conspiracy hence my reluctance.

    The way the media is belittling the word conspiracy or making it less powerful is by using the word more often or using it in a joke, Could it be the reason they are using the word obsessively is to break down the effect it has? Could the media or did Lynna Lai Orchestrate the entire media to over use the word  so the blog would look like it's delusional?

  Maybe Lynna Lai came to the conclusion that since I use the words "Lynna Lai" so much  or am obsessed with the name which makes her name noneffective why not make the word conspiracy noneffective. Maybe they came to the conclusion that since I won't stop talking about Lynna Lai after my ostracizing the next step is to discredit the blog. Maybe thats why they use the word gay so much because they want it to become ineffective.  or less taboo. If this is the case the name "Lynna Lai" is taboo and if the name Lynna Lai is taboo that means it's hot therefore it might become criminal for me to even write her name (which might be why Rick Abell misspelled her name  in his book) .

    What if the reason they are using the word conspiracy a lot is because they are threatened by conspiracy theorists. Maybe they feel threatened by conspiracy theorists because Lynna Lai viewers were believing the theorists more than the media and Lynna Lai. Maybe that's why I got ostracized because someone important believed more than Lynna Lai.

  We all know the great anchor and company are very confident therefore maybe they're bold enough to let the viewers know or hint that they are going to conspire against the viewers. Maybe the media is throwing hints suggesting that they should believe the conspiracy theorist instead of tv media like wkyc  Lynna Lai. Maybe that's what 19 was aiming to change their newscast into a conspiracy channel (What if they brought Lynna Lai back to woio just to start the new conspiracy movement,would you watch)?

  At the end of the day I don't know why they're goofing on the word conspiracy. I never used the name Lynna Lai to hurt her  and if the news anchor would have asked me to stop writing lynnaluvers or her videos I would have. For example Ive had a news reporter personally contact me just to tell me to take her videos off the channel and I did immediately. Yet I have to question myself and ask would I stop talking about Lynna Lai  now after my ostracizing (How taboo/hot is her name to me)? That's like asking a guy to stop bleeding after you shoot him it's kind of hard to stop and maybe that's what the media is betting on.  Maye I shot Lynna Lai unintentionally and therefore she had to conspire to ostracize me. In my opinion nothing is accidental when it comes to the local and national news there is a plan with saying conspiracy so much.

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