Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bringing the Crazy

  Today and many other times people ask me out here in the west " Hey you got any spice, you got any coke? I reply to them no or I can't help you. What I really want to tell them is "No, that coke look or that spice look you see on me is the effects of Lynna Lai". Hence the question  why does Lynna Lai and company have that type of effect on people? Why does she bring the crazy out?  What is it that she has and has it back fired ? Am I just acting out the side effects  of  not watching the great one?

    If Lynna Lai and company didn't bring out the crazy in people she wouldn't have a job. If Law makers didn't create more laws congress and police wouldn't have a job either. So maybe it's not the fact they want to bring the crazy out it's the fact that they rely on job security. We have to remember that the government and the media  work hand in hand  hence the reason I bring up both. We have cases where Government officials have killed someone because they wouldn't shut up or they were a liability.Therefore why wouldn't they bring the crazy out in me? I mean I don't even write as much yet the great anchor has a stronger effect on me than when I was in "ohlaio"

The other reason why they like to bring the crazy out is because they might be crazy themselves. Someone has said if you stick around long enough with someone you start picking up their habits and traits. What crazy traits has the great one picked up? Lastly I think I am just feeling the after shocks of the great anchor Lynna Lai. The question is will they ever go away? I doubt it.

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