Saturday, April 26, 2014

Microchips Pt2

 Every since I wrote microchips which was two days ago April 23rd 2014, The local authorities here in Phoenix  have been a little bit more aggressive. For example not even a twenty seconds from my sun  hide out they had a guy on the ground cornered by at least three officers with their cruisers in the background.  It's almost as if Lynna Lai and or her associates persuaded the authorities to become more aggressive  towards those who have look like they've been uprooted. I can understand they have to create a presence of safety especially if theirs a black guy loose . Yet,  could have microchips have angered the powers of Lynna Lai to create  a more aggressive police presence?

  I did write that I might have been micro chipped because Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy might have felt threatened after they've ostracized me. maybe they thought that I was going to be like those animals let loose from a zoo in NEO a few years ago. You can't say I didn't offend Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy when I wrote or I wouldn't have been ostracized and I don't believe one can say that I didn't offend someone in Lynna Lai's camp after microchips hence the locals authorities presence every time i turn a corner. Maybe they just want to make it appear that I have a microchip since I did write it.   Now Imagine if I was driving around these parts how often would I get pulled over for the smallest of things?

  In conclusion Microchips I believe I believe have angered people but am I suppose to stop living because people are angry? Was Lynna Lai suppose to stop reporting or anchoring because I thought she was better than her old station and her 19 action news co-anchor? Are Cops suppose to stop patrolling because I assume that they are stalking me? This is still America isn't (In phoenix you can't tell )?  Can we not assume without being hindered. Can we not ask questions and write about the anchor without being ostracized?

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