Thursday, March 13, 2014

OK'D? (Ostracized for the Kids)

   Before I start Let me Share with you a teenage missing that I saw online and thought I would share;  if you know where she is call local authorities.

     Before  they ostracized me  do you think they thought  of what would happen  or wouldn't happen to my kid? Would the kid ever see me again? When I ask this question did I think about Lynna's kids when I wrote maybe that was their thought process when they begin planning on my ostracizing. Maybe they concluded that since I didn't care about the news anchors kids well being or so they thought why should they care about mine. Not saying that they should care about my kid its not their job but when i wrote was it my responsibility to care about Lynna Lai's or Brian Duffy's kids?  Did I even think that their kids would be in trouble when I wrote Yet one has to assume that maybe mine is?

   I wrote this a thousand times and it comes up again. This is the price we pay when watching Lynna Lai. Now is the price fair for me? I can say it's not fair for anyones kids but who thinks that when they blog? Did Chris Wallace think his father was going to get killed before he started against Obama? Did Breitbart think that maybe he was going to have to leave his wife earlier than expected because of his news site? I certainly didn't think that my kid would be affected because i thought that Lynna Lai was a better newscaster, who gets their shirt wrinkled over that?  I mean the stations have many pro kid reports Lynna Lai always talks about her special people during her reports. This makes one assume that they are for the little ones . Even before Lynna Lai was on WKYC they had a program called Romonas kids. This makes one assume that they are pro kids right?

  Maybe that was the issue maybe they said to themselves that I wasn't a good role model for my kid so they ostracized me. Maybe they saw that I wasn't financially fit or stable to be around him . Therefore,they had to kick me out of the place. How many non-role models does WKYC  and or WOIO  promote on a weekly basis? I think what I'm aiming at is that they were looking for an excuse and I'm guessing the excuses were there (Which might be reason why I'm asking  why I've been out of Ohio). Yet it's quite weird seeing that I quite possibly have financially supported my kid more last year before my ostracizing than this year. Which might be what they want. Because the lack of support proves that I deserved to be ostracized. Maybe that will be the tipping point the fact that during my voyage Ive become unfit for my kid? Maybe their thought process is that if Lynna can continue to support her kids after she was ostracized from 19 so can I from Ohio.

   In conclusion if the news media were so concerned with kids and their well being wouldn't they get all the sex offenders off the street?  Wouldn't they ostracize, eliminate child predators? Wouldn't they have found Jon Benets real killer? Maybe their afraid because to put a spotlight on the child predators would be putting a spotlight on themselves or their strong supporters which is the catholic church.

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