Thursday, September 11, 2014

What to Say PT 2

What should I say am I not a fan of the anchor. Is the fans  sacrifice better for the anchor. Has the media sacrificed more than what we'll ever know. These questions you have to ask  especially on a date that gave the media a whole new level of power.Which means 9/11 kept us all hooked on the news and maybe the media had a hand in it yet they didn't know who they were affecting or cared.

 Maybe I'm not as big of a fan as people that have been watching her since the early 90's but I believe like I said we had to document are fanatic interest and so this is what it's turned into. The anchor is on WKYC. I'm blacklisted and life is good. The sacrifices that I have to endure so that the anchor is on T.V. possibly a drop in the bucket. 1 drop of blood versus a few gallons. Not to mention whose blood is worthier to sacrifice for? I know some would say that I should sacrifice for the kid in my life. But being sacrificial fan; one has to run from what one has been accustomed to or looking forward to in life. Even if that means sacrificing people I guess.

The date of Sept 11th is special especially with the Media. I'm willing to bet the ratings have never been as large as sept 11th 2001. My question is will we see another sept 11th soon? I mean how much is the media willing to sacrifice for those ratings? Although sept 11th would bring more cop attention to me, more than the cop attention that's on me now but if the media and Lynna Lai can sacrifice lives I guess I'll have to sacrifice my privacy, My state of mind; My normalcy what ever that is during these times. These things we take for granted and maybe it would be better for there to be another sept 11th on State land so that those who don't would appreciate  Lynna Lai and the media more.

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