Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Fathers Day is coming up and also the great ones Birthday. Now I have a article about how questionable Black American Culture/Fathers are versus Asian American Culture and Hispanic Culture/Fathers and how this could have crippled the god anchor.  I also Have an article that celebrates the anchor and her birth the acknowledgement of her persuasiveness and of her god being. Now some would say why don't I post both because both are interesting. The question is which one fits best with Lynnaments? Which on has the spirit lynnamentals?Which one has the DNA of a Conspiratorial article?

  Is  The fathers culture article more of a Lynnaments article. Does it have the make up of a mental,delusional Lynna Lai fan? What is it's focus? The focus of the three fathers article is more of  a look at how bad American black culture is and how that possibly created the situation She is in. It's almost suggesting that if the culture  of America was more East Asian American or Hispanic American Maybe the Anchor wouldn't have been fired in the first place from 19 and maybe I wouldn't have been ostracized. Lastly maybe deadbeat father wouldn't be a title that's associated with most blacks along with the blogger. Is that the DNA of a Lynnamentals article or is it more anti-black or anti-lynnamentals blogger. In the past when I used to write lynnaluvers.com I would sometimes assume that writing anti-black articles or anti-lynna luvers articles would be the same as writing pro Lynna Lai articles because in demeaning myself or who I am it would show how better the anchor is or how better her race is for the future of the tv media. I always argued that the way they promoted Obama as the "FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT". Is the same as what I'm doing. For example the article I wrote about how blacks are a huge part of the TV audience and how that isn't  necessarily a good thing (I believe that now even more).

  The mentality of Lynnamentals shows it's lack of interest in it's self therefore creating a delusional blog that grows into an interest of who god is or what the god anchor has done or how the god anchor might have a hand in what ever is going on . With that said "three fathers" culture  doesn't demonstrate it's self as a lynnamental interest or focused on god. It might show an interest of her culture or the culture I assume she's practicing or trying to create. It might even be delusional but it's in a state of delusion that's focused more on how awful the blogger and his culture is than how theirs a conspiracy against my blog or how she's trying to conspire to create  a anti-father or anti black father movement.

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