Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lynna Gate

  Not even a year after I leave "OHLAIO" Bill Applegate retired,. the 19 Action News evil genius some would say. Now in Chicago a blogger states that Applegate was employed by a Chicago station. Could Lynna Lai , Bill Applegate alongside Brian Duffy have orchestrated this? My ostracizing, Lynna Lai's and Sharon Reeds firing, Duffy's demotion and Catherine Bosley, Harry Boomer as Morning Hosts?

 Maybe Applegate coached Lynna Lai into leaving so that they could make it seem ok to fire Reed  and in doing so make it look ok to ostracized the delusional blogger. Maybe that's why I was being harassed by the Chicago police last year because Lynna coached  Applegate  into pulling some strings  so that I would be intimidated  by the chicago police dept. If applegate has strong ties with Chicago couldn't he have strong ties with Obama and or Rahm Emmanuel? Maybe that's why the great anchor was on 19 because she has strong ties to Obama.

  This could also be why I was ostracized seeing that Obama was mentioned in , I even had a pic of Obama shinning the great anchors shoes. What if the Applegate was offended by the pic and took it out on the persuasive one which is why he let her go and put me away. They said he has a home in Florida; could that be the reason Bosley took the Persuasive anchors place. It's believed Bosley has ties in Florida too.  Could   Applegate have met her at the Wet T-shirt contest  and was compelled to hire her and in hiring her had to get rid of others.  Lynna Lai does have Florida connections too which means if nothing else he likes Anchors from Florida!

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