Thursday, April 3, 2014

Muslim Maybes

 Before I start, this Article was not produce or inspired by what has Happened in Ft Hood recently, I wrote this weeks ago.

 We've heard about different races ostracizing each other or creating laws so that a certain race weren't able to succeed. But during these new times in America could it that certain religions have ostracized their nemesis  religion? Could it be the reason I was ostracized was because I'm associated with Christians and I have a Jewish name? Could it be  that the great  anchor could be Muslim and or have muslim associations hence she had to have me ostracized.

  What if some Muslims with deep pockets were offended that a guy with Christian associations would write about a possible muslim anchor? What if Lynna hired muslims to ostracize me  because she was frustrated with my blog This could be the reason why I sensed an attack on me when I watched the news anchor when she was on 19 and even recently. Maybe she couldn't have gotten help from the muslims If I didn't write "dreamcast" and articles like that. Before dreamcast, way before dreamcast the energy of was more pro- lynna lai. I think the only reason why "Dreamcast" was written was because of a undertone in her newscasts that I was going to be killed/murdered soon.

   There were many Muslim convenience stores around my humble bungalow. Lynna Lai and company could have easily told them that a christian associate lived close by and was blogging about  the great anchor. That could have triggered anger in the muslim convenience store world. Where they had to find a way to get me ostracized. Maybe it wasn't my blogging that they were offended by but it was  the fact that I was associated with Christians and my humble bungalow didn't represent that,  it hindered their stores. Maybe they were upset that didn't add value to the great anchor.  Here's a question If I was a Muslim would they have looked the other way? would they have ignored Lynna Lai and company if I worshipped Allah?

  I had a lot of celebrity worship articles about the persuasive anchor in could it be that the Muslims were offended that I could put a news anchor in the same category as Allah? Maybe our current president is a Muslim and he was offended by the way I characterized the great anchor as a god in lynnaluvers. Maybe NBC is more muslim than CBS, they did get one of the first interviews in the Cleveland market after he was elected or maybe CBS allowed NBC to get the first interview because of its changes.

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