Friday, June 20, 2014


    Maybe three hours after I write "God's Culture" a Samoan looking guy who hangs or is associated with the guy I wrote about a few weeks ago in the Article East Asian Spy passes me and demonstrates he's going to have me killed by putting his thumb over his neck and crosses it. Now I didn't say anything to this guy I was just eating by my self I didn't even give him just cause to suggest this. Obviously we have to ask was my article the cause of his antics. How much did god hate my article "gods culture"? Was the east Asian spy part of this ; which would suggest that maybe the news god is too.

  Now after fathers day weekend The Samoan guy ask me to buy beer for him as if I'm friends or knew him personally. I didn't respond yet when he leaves the store  he not only leaves with a disgusted look on his face but also a look like he wanted to take something of mine or a look like he's going to attack. As I was paying for my dinner I saw the guy who once again is friends with the East Asian guy who I suspect is associated with the news god watching me or waiting for me.

 Was lynnaluvers or lynnaments so upsetting that this guy was waiting for me so he could teach me a thing or two about talking about the news god. Was his aggressive behavior a act of being loyal to the East Asian Spy which would be loyalty to the great anchor. Could Duffy , LynnaLai's Ex Co-Anchor have put the East Asian Spy up to hiring someone to intimidate the blogger quite possibly. The Samoan  did mention Keystone which does have to do with Pennsylvania State. This oddly enough is where Duffy is from  could this guy just mention Keystone so that I would know that he works for Duffy or maybe he just has a strong Pennsylvanian association or maybe he found out I was from " OHLAIO"  and wanted to make sure that I knew what state he was associated with by stalking me.

 So the question is who had a bigger hand in it  Duffy or the news god? Is it possible Lynna the news god is missed by Duffy so much he had to hire this samoan to stalk me? As I think about it too many arrows point to the fact that it might have been the news gods doing. Even after he asks me to buy him beer the East Asian spy shows up not even after 24hrs and I haven't seen him in a while.  Which might mean that Duffy might have had a bigger hand in this situation more than the god of news. I don't think the persuasive one wouldn't be so audacious enough to have a East Asian Spy with a Seattle and Chicago baseball cap have me stalked. Is she more unassuming or audacious? Could it be that she is unassuming to the people she hasn't studied and since she's studied me she can be audacious? What if Duffy hates the anchor so much he wanted to make it seem like it was her doing?

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