Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It's Christmas 2014 who would of  thought that Lynnaluvers would have been shut down Three yrs ago. Three yrs ago we were talking about how the great anchor is a gift Heres a question is she still  a gift? Is she  she still  a gift or is she like  a old computer that doesn't connect anymore? Some would say how could I suggest the great anchor is  gift now seeing that she has gotten you ostracized. Seeing that the writings of the anchors are very small in lynnamentals. How can she be  gift when its possible she's having cops and some triads follow me everywhere I go. How can lynna lai be a gift when  some would say I lost the kid because  of her

Despite  it all I can say that she is  gift because she's authentic and talented. Even more so than before I was ostracized.Maybe she feels more authentic since im gone.  Shes a  gift because shes still on tv. Instead of  me being  ostracized  I can now say shes a gift because there's a lot of  east  asians  Americans around me (as I write this theres  a east asian that passed me). Shes  a gift because I dont watch Lynna Lai as much as I did before I was  ostracized like all day! I can say shes a gift because she inspired creative images.  Who am I kidding shes   a gift  because shes a god.

  Even though I lost my life  Lynnaluvers.com is shut down and I only get to see 10 min of Lynna Lai  a week I will say she's more of a  gift than when she was 19 or  when she was written about on a daily. If she wasn't a gift to me she's still a gift to so many people and for me to say that is  a gift  by its self to me

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