Saturday, October 12, 2013


    Let me say that I'm not committing suicide , I have no intention to commit suicide, people who I have a bond with would be traumatized, the people I care about  wouldn't understand and lastly I wouldn't be able to see Lynna Lai anchoring on a national news program. Suicide is selfish and a way to escape things that one can't control. I think I run from death but not like that. When I sense the great ones associates are on my trail  I try to escape the area , but for me to commit suicide? Maybe the great Lynna Lai isn't betting that I commit suicide in a free state, what ever that means. Maybe she's orchestrating someone to kill me in a jail or a prison and claim it was suicide.

   The most civil way to kill someone is to have them kill themselves . This is what some believe and in channeling those who have murder qualities (hate,jealousy,malice) it's probably true. If you're someone like Lynna Lai , someone of her character you're not just going to have someone killed like a street gangster. First of all she's too smart for that,second her conscious won't be such a nag if she has someone kill themselves and thirdly I think she has such a dislike  towards  peasants/underprivileged  that she's making sure that my death or any one's death isn't like those she disapproves of.  Therefore, suicide is the only option for Lynna Lai. I came to this article because of the report  the great one did on teenagers  committing  suicide  because of a website. In the report the great one mentioned that what she was reporting was for parents, which made me think that maybe the parents should be accused of neglect since their kids performed suicide under their watch ( I think Mrs. Lai would approve).

   The most famous person that I know or that I can think of that committed suicide without drugs was Judas. He was so unhappy with his actions  he couldn't live with his self. I'm no where near that point. If  what I wrote has enraged someone so much that they want me to kill myself then what Ive written should be published in a book of what not to write about anchors. If what Ive written have enraged someone so much that they've put a bounty on  my head then maybe suicide is plan B for the master minds. Is my death equal to Lynna Lai's old position at WOIO?  I would say no, but maybe some believe it's a start. Maybe Lynna's reporting wasn't about me but about herself. Maybe she's been contemplating suicide. I doubt that she is, she has too much going for her  but if she was truly comfortable with her current position why do I sense sadness? Maybe that's the SAG part of her character that has to be exposed. If I'm so happy with my life why do I write about Lynna Lai so much?

  In the end maybe the spirit of suicide is what's needed in the media, in the government, in the U.S. society . Because  if a kid can be so unhappy that they kill their selves shouldn't the leaders of the free world mirror them or maybe thats what the leaders plan  is. It isn't to mirror them but to get rid of them. Maybe the Governments plan is to instill a suicidal society like the movie the Happening. 

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