Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spell Programming

Ive been through this before. You know in a dry spell, without content about our favorite anchor. What invoked me before hasn’t invoked recently ; is it that the house I was in had a lustful , worshiping, critical spirit  in it which helped my writing. Now that  Ive left  the spirit is no more. I’m sorry to say I miss that spirit. That spirit of consistent worshiping, although that spirit got me practically homeless, it was a spirit that gave me a worshiping characteristic.
 Could it be possible that the spirit is called Lynna too? Could it be that Lynna Lai casted the spell on me? Could it be her NBC Company had cast a spell on me or woio?  When I first started I occasionally talked about programming. Could my programming fascination have backfired? Could I have been so much into neurological programming that it had put a spell on me and programmed me? Maybe it’s a little bit of both, maybe they did put a spell on me and I have programmed myself by my own fascination. 

The question is will I remain under the spell program of the great persuader? I’m a total believer  that I possibly will. I have a inkling that Lynna Lai has been programmed in my head until my dieing day.
  Maybe that’s what programming is all about thinking about the powerful while we are dieing powerless. Not saying we’re powerless but an hour before my death, a day before my death will I be powerless, probably so and on that day should I think of the situation or the powerful? Without a question the powerful . Maybe that’s what my infatuation programming is all about, maybe my dieing will be so unbearable that I’ll have to think about the master of the media to keep my mind off the situation.

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