Saturday, October 5, 2013

Eli Smither

When I was using a fan page site and talking on forums there was this guy we'll call him Eli Smithers. He claimed to be a close friend of The great anchor Lynna Lai . He even said he used to work in Tampa when she was working in Tampa. This brings me to the question of could Mr. Smithers have had a hand in my new adventure?How close are they? Is he connected to some of Lynna Lai's political friends?

  You would have to guess that maybe Smithers did have a part to play in this new adventure, the question is what did he say? Did he tell the truth or was Lynna Fascinated by their relationship that she believed it. I can remember I was in a facebook group about deadbeat dads and it was mainly blacks , so I asked the question  why do black females always fall for American black males. I said this with a pic of Lynna Lai as My icon picture and the name Lynnalai fans in a weird form like two capital letters then the rest lower case. The people in the group called me racist  and all types of names. I let them know I was black and I wasn't Lynna Lai but a fan (before I stated this I made sure to post on  my info page that I wasn't Lynna Lai).  Then Smithers stepped in and said Ive been watching you  on  He said "Lynna Lai is my friend" and "if you weren't behind that computer I'll break your face"  I got cursed out and he said " I was a waste of semen". All I could say is that newsstations  troll all the time or use peoples emotions all the time why can't I?  He mentioned that I didn't know her, I told him that I was a fan and a fan isn't suppose to know the star.  Next thing I know I'm booted from the group almost the same way they booted me from my home.

  Maybe Smithers and the great Lynna Lai planned this after my question about why black females choose black males as their mates. Seeing that most American black males aren't very good for any species. Smithers did say he worked for WEWS in the past , so maybe he talked to Kosich about the situation  and Kosich talked to the big man of Ohio. They say he used to work behind the scenes at WEWS maybe he was jealous that an Asian American was getting blogged about or maybe he thought it wasn't helpful for her image . I mostly believe that Lynna Lai  had a huge part to play in my adventure  but now that I think about it maybe Smithers was the one , or maybe it was Lai but she compensated smithers by getting him a news gig or a political gig.

 This brings me to my last question about how Eli Smithers might be working for a political power  associated with Lynna Lai. I believe theres a Last name Lai in D.C. and from what I noticed he's in D.C. Could they be on the brink to persuade the president or his associates to not only change my life for the worse but the entire nations life because of my blogging and posting (I remember Lynna Lai hinting on the news that everyone shouldn't be able to access Internet or TV). How much does the great one owe Smithers, heres a better question  how strong was their bond in Tampa?  Was it strong enough to cover up a murder? I mention this because I have a feeling thats the next step for myt future. Someone's going to have me killed. I know I say it all the time "They have a bounty on me" "Lynna's trying to wack me". Maybe it's true, maybe smithers is the guy that will have a hand in it too, who knows.

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