Wednesday, October 9, 2013

George Soros

A few weeks ago George Soros had his wedding with a Asian American woman. Also two weeks ago Lynna Lai was M.I.A. now you might be thinking that I'm suggesting that Lynna Lai was at the wedding  but no I'm suggesting Lynna Lai was the bride. Ive heard of many Soros's powers and maybe this is one of them marry someone whose already married. They've showed pics of Soros's bride but maybe that's just a cover up. Maybe Soros's people told the media  to hide the fact that he married someone whose already married. Therefore the pics shown might not be real.

  Maybe Soros was so much in Amazement by how Lynna Lai handled the 19 Action News scandal and the way she handled the lynnaluver that he had to have her. We all know the great Anchor is liberal pro sodomy,pro Clinton, anti- Pat Robertson, so if she's all these things could she be pro multi husbands too? If you're one of the most powerful people in the world and you want something bad enough  are you going to let marriage stop you especially during this day and age.King  David, Jesses son  didn't let marriage stop him and I'm willing to bet David was a lot more righteous than Soros is today.

  Maybe soros can Identify with the great anchor because his home  got taken away from him and now that he's older  he's the one taking homes away from people kind of like our Mrs. Lai and company, Commitment isn't respected during these times and I would have to guess it's a lot more disrespeted if you're a billionaire. What if the marriage to Sorros  wasn't about money but was part of the deal. It's kind of poetic that I bring up Soros right after writing about Eli, because in some ways Eli resembles Soros, maybe a younger Soro's.

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