Friday, August 30, 2013

What Hasn't Been Said

  Its so many things that I looked over because of what has happened in my own life and the fact that every time I said something in the past someone got hurt but I read an article on and I wrote in a article that in the news business it isn't what's said  it's what isn't said that is important. Therefore, in this article I'll like to take the time to talk about what I haven't said or even better what Lynna Lai and her cohorts haven't said. I guess you can say it is true that the less you say about a subject the more important it becomes or should I say the more attractive it becomes in some instances. This is probably why Asian Americans haven't been on tv news in Cleveland as much as blacks.  I feel like I'm turning into Archie Bunker!

    Ive said things that were weird,offensive,unorthodox,not politically correct and last but certainly not  least anti-Lynna Lai. I know I might not have killed anyone intentionally with my words including myself but I do believe what I wrote in lynnaluvers have gotten people killed and maybe inspired my own death. I know it absolutely has ignited more theatrical newscasts, which might be what we want deep inside. I hope in everything I said it has created a new media where more Asian Americans are in the news world, although none will be able to match what Lynna has and who she is the ethnic culture of this country should be transpire into newscasts. Then again maybe Asian Americans and Latino Americans enjoy the White race on tv more than their own like I do. This would explain why Asian American aren't on local tv news as much.

      Some of the things that were said during Lynna Lai's newscasts were they Politically Correct, were they more female center or male centered? Were they inspired by hate or love. Were they inspired by the love of hating what she or her supervisors disagreed with. Isn't that why we live and do what ever we do because of our disagreements that inspires our love. Isn't that why lawyers become lawyers because they hated the way they were treated and it inspired them to join the American law team? I think that's why lynnaluvers was created; because of my hate of the local news competitors of Lynna and her ex news stations way of promoting her less than other newscasters which morphed into a monster.

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