Monday, December 23, 2013

Feminist Blogger

Since Lynna is a feminist I believe its understandable why I don't think about my kid or why I didn't visit him during the holidays and instead I think about her. I might of channeled her feminist spirit and doing so people must suffer.The spirit of a true feminist is not about whats best for men and we all know men just aren't born men but they are boys. This is why I'm not around this holiday season. The death of men will only happen when the boys are destroyed especially black boys and the only way for us to kill them or make sure they have no future is to take their parents away especially their fathers.

       Lets be real in the 60's would a guy leave a woman who had his kid (something I didn't do) in the 60's would a guy be so much infatuated with a news anchor that he's not interested in his kid or intimidated by the anchors powers that he will not set foot in the same state of the kid?  No, and the reason why is because We love women so much and we the males are not needed,Especially the black male. My channeling has created a lack of concern for the kid and more concern for my killer.  No concern for his grades but concerned about the person whose gonna have me killed ratings. How can I be a feminist if I like the female body? Is a heterosexual black single guy not suppose to think of the opposite sexes body? I totally believe porn was apart of the feminism movement but it wasn't called porn it was call art.

 I'm not saying that it's Lynna's fault because feminism has been in the works for a long time but I will say in my life she has played a good roll in the feminism takeover. I know some would say well if  he's such a feminist why didn't he stay around when she had the kid. The simple answer is I asked her to marry me when she told me she was pregnant with the kid and she told me no which means she didn't need me, only my seed. She had the feminist spirit before I could Identify it and what did I do? I went on with my life. (feminist) While she was pregnant I didn't get or give one phone call or visit. During these times I guess it was I can have the baby by my self attitude which is a feminist attitude. Then the only thing a person can do when she has the baby is go after her seed planter with the help of the government. The same government that has instilled the feminist movement. While this was going on Ironically I was working  for the government.

     It's Ironic that we want more feminist or more females in power but in turn we generate more boys or anti-female ideals. For example When Hilary Clinton becomes president not only will there be a lot of anti female policies but there will be more violence toward women especially against right wing women. Just Like when Obama became president there were a lot of anti black policies put in place.   We can't blame ourselves for being feminists it was in the cards the only thing we can  do is except it and do what Lynna Lai would do create a secure  the females in your life.

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