Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lai Brain

They did what they did and I believe what I believe. Lynna Lai is still the gods of news anchors. (I said god and not goddesses because I'm recognizing that feminist don't like the word goddess being used about them especially if it's coming from a black male). Speaking of could that be the reason why the god of the news media destroyed my humble living quarters.  Was I not suppose to say she's a goddess, is Lynna Lai that thin skinned?  I doubt it, 

   I think things just back fired. They were betting I was going to stop talking aout Lynna Lai after they started making negative connotations and I didn't. A guy doesn't stop talking about a news anchor when your whole life consist of writing about her and watching videos about the news anchor, it's called programming.  Now that I'm gone the question remains whose the great ones substitute is there a substitute?  Is there anyone who can stand in the the gods shoes and deprogram my brain from the Lynna Lai virus?  As of right now I don't  think so, it's been over six months being away from OLAIO and watching Lynna Lai on a regular basis and she's at the core of my motives. Therefore I have to say that the great anchor virus will be in my brain forever as I  said before. Some would say that I don't want to stop thinking about Lynna Lai because I wouldn't have anything else to think about.

  When I call the great one a virus it's not to offend her or WKYC, its a way to discredit her power over my head which isn't working well because I still think she's god. I still think she can hold a week night or morning show on her own. (not weekend). I still think she's fits better with WKYC even though she might not be getting as paid as much.  Therefore maybe by my words I say she's a virus of my brain but actually she might be the battery of my brain. speaking of brains you have to wonder if I even have one seeing that the great one is still the number one story on my list. 

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