Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meyer Mysteries

    It was a Saturday  during the summer like 9am or 10am driving down the freeway talking to someone  whose a thousand times smarter than me  and who do I see to my left Thomas Meyer, in a white coupe  with a wkyc logo. He gave me this look as if it was Halloween. Now I was in Ohio going toward Toledo, I say this because how often do they do stories in Toledo? Here's a few questions why was Meyer working on a saturday? Was he working for Lynna Lai and or Duffy? Why was he following me?

 I really doubt if he was working on a saturday morning, I mean you can be dedicated to your job but it still doesn't mean he wasn't stalking me. Maybe someone coached him into not feeling bad  on the bases that I "stalk" Lynna Lai  when ever I write about her  or watch her videos, which is totally not true. Maybe he was sold on it and used the companies car to watch me, but if he was watching me or stalking me why did he pass me and not tail me? Maybe he could legally only go so far and he had to call an Investigator in Toledo to take over. I looked it up and he's from Illinois too, maybe he was or still is working for Lynna Lai to keep Tabs on me. Maybe Tom Meyer was paid by Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy  to watch me and my place untiil they could get rid of me. What if this wasn't a illinois connection that made Meyer do this but it was the fact he hated to see a black talk so much about an Asian American Anchor. Maybe he hated Romona Robinson so much that he had to take it out on me.I suspect that Duffy and Lai dislikes Romona Robinson so maybe he does too.

  Maybe he was upset because of the Article I posted about Joyce Meyer. Maybe they're related , maybe Joyce Meyer hired him. The articel I wrote wasn't the best article I could have written about Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Lynna Lai but it was true , people who watch Joyce Meyer won't watch Lynna Lai or Duffy. I think I used the comparison of Amy Grant to Cher. Maybe  My comparison got Lynna Lai so upset that she had hired one of her rich relatives  to bully Tom Meyer into stalking me. Was the name Meyer offensive at that point and they had to go after him? Maybe Tom Meyer was offended by the article  on about Joyce Meyer called the Sister Station Situation. Maybe he felt lik he had to vindicate Joyce Meyer and at the same time help Lynna Lai get rid of me.

  In conclusion his following me isn't eqaul to my writing about Lynna Lai and maybe it wasn't suppose to be.Even if I said Lynna Lai was better than his entire department  it still wouldn't give him the right to follow me on the express way . Now if he works for the FBI OR CIA I can understand  because they can basically do what they want  and get away with it. But if he's not CIA or FBI why was he following the lynnaluver?  I never have and I never will follow or have someone follow Lynna Lai its not who I am, I'm a Fan not a stalker.  I can't forget that Tom Meyer was the same Guy that reported about the 4 or 5 guys that were charged with trying to blow up a bridge in NEO, which still sounds like a conspiracy. Could he and or Lynna Lai be trying to conspire the same charges against me?

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