Monday, July 29, 2013


Could the Prosecutor and Defense be working together  just to spite someone else? It happens all the time. Its been said that the Zimmerman defense team will be going after NBC, Lynna Lai’s tv company. Could it be that NBC is working with Zimmerman just so Zimmerman won’t have to pay the Martin family? If NBC Can work with Lynna Lai and company why wouldn’t they work with Zimmerman? Lynna Lai is a supporter of police officers and NBC IS associated with her. Zimmerman was a Police officer in Training why wouldn’t NBC  work with him, he was found not guilty in the Murder trial. In short term if our worshiped has the power to evict and is associated with the authorities wouldn’t it be feasible that the station she works for is assisting Zimmerman even though it might look like they are at odds?

     Is a guy that believes the great one had him evicted and orchestrating his death suppose to just believe that the station that our great anchor is on isn’t smart enough to help Zimmerman out? The question should be why Zimmerman? I said in a Article titled “ZIMMERMAN FAVORED”  that our tv newscaster Lynna Lai and Zimmerman have very close ties with authorities maybe not for the same reason but still they are very close knitted and because of that close knit association its not far fetched  to believe that the Media NBC who Zimmerman is suing is orchestrating this suit so that Travons Family won’t see a dime or so that they can feel  justified in bugging the family after they pay Zimmerman which in turn will pay the family. NBC may just have a hard on for Zimmerman and instead of just giving him the cash that he’s asking for they are going to make him take them to court so that they make some type of drama reports about it.

 It’s a strong possibility that they have possibly made a deal with our favorite anchors station. I wonder what type of deal was made so that I would be evicted?  Deals are made every day and sometimes they include us in a bad situation, the key is that we don’t destroy other peoples lives like the rioters are doing in LA.

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