Sunday, December 22, 2013


If they have the power to program me into thinking sincerely that the great one is going to have me killed shouldn't that be just cause to have her on a national level to intimidate someone whose commited  a crime like rape, murder or grand larceny.  You know you're good blogger when the person you're writing about has politicians and local/national authorities intimidate you so much that you can't even see that special person who you're suppose to think about on a daily basis.

  There is no way I could go back to see my kid during the holiday right now in 2013. It would be like a mouse going to get cheese in a mouse trap. When I used to watch Lynna on a daily basis in my now vacant bugalo  she used to always report about kids being kidnapped by their fathers. If I went to see my kid during the holidays , seeing that the great anchor is associated with the local and federal authorities I would end up in a unnatural state. To put it more plainly I would end up in a event with the media  and their associates  planting something in the minds of the public which they've already done with the the VIP'S.

  Seeing that the great Pioneer Anchor doesn't work if their isn't any news wouldn't  it be coincedental for me to come to Ohio and the great Lai  has planted  something in the mind of my kids stepfather or worse maybe my actions have planted a deadbeat seed in his mind. Then what happens is the same thing that happened  a few years ago in copley.  As I continue to live I have strong feeling that the great reporter is just itching to get me confined. This is what liberals invest in; private confinement.

  Maybe I already did something that has the power to land me in prison for a life time in her and her associates eyes.  Maybe my picture  taking of Lynna  was criminal. Just maybe me being absent  from my kid is criminal  and is cause for a life or death sentence.

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